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Here at Feeds R Us, we carry Canidae's grain free PURE formulas for dogs. These formulas are simple, with 7-10 ingredients, which makes it easier for us to compare ingredients and for your dog to digest. They have a fairly high protein content, and this is because the first ingredient is always fresh meat reinforced by other meat-meals. 

Unlike other pet food manufacturers, they only use whole foods. It is a common practice for companies to manipulate the labeling of ingredients by splitting ingredients, such as peas, into several different components in order to have other ingredients, such as fresh meat, appear abundant than they really are. This is not the case with Canidae. They offer several different, quality protein sources with each formula.

Canidae also adds probiotics and other supplements to aid in digestion and to enhance your pet's diet. Essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are added after the cooking process, which is great for your dog!