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Did you know that your furry friend is a carnivore? That means they eat meat, and… Well, more meat. Of course, fruits and vegetables won’t kill them. In fact, they do have a certain degree of nutritional value. However, excessive amounts of one particular ingredient that your pet is not meant to eat will stress their system. Like you and buffalo wings.

Many pets with sensitive stomachs do well on Fromm because they do not depend too heavily on any one particular ingredient. It is a real solution to pets that have intolerances, which are much more common than outright allergies. Additionally, the company only uses natural preservatives, and is a pioneer in the industry for this practice.

Rotational Diet

From created the Four-Star Nutritionals line of products specifically to provide variety and encourage rotation. Each recipe is designed to be complementary, and after transitioning to Fromm, many customers have success rotating between Four-Star recipes.

Finding the right food for your pet is sometimes trial and error. One of the benefits of Fromm's interchangeable lines is the ability to switch seamlessly to new recipes should you or your pet become unsatisfied with a particular entrée. However, all pets are different, and some pets have more sensitive stomachs which may prevent them from enjoying a particular recipe or a rotational diet. Other pets are more robust and require no transition period between recipes. It's really up to you and your pet how much rotation you would like to incorporate into their diet.