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The Honest Kitchen
The Honest Kitchen is like astronaut food for dogs- NASA’s finest, too. It is the only true human-grade pet food on the market, and is manufactured alongside common household foods found in your local grocery store. Additionally, it is transported and stored in a manner consistent with our foods, as well.

You may be asking, “What is human grade?” We’ve all been to McDonald's, and there is just something off with the way that there are so many different supposed chickens being used, but only four nugget shapes. The Honest Kitchen, unlike its competitors, does not use 4D meat; meat from diseased, dying, deceased, or disabled animals. Because it is made in human-food plants, the ingredients must be tested for bacteria, such as E. Coli, before it even enters the plant. They go above and beyond state health requirements, which allows their employees to regularly taste the finished products on a regular basis.

They also ensure premium ingredients by sourcing only from responsible suppliers. They do not use GMO’s, and test their products to ensure that there has not been exposure to certain chemicals post harvest. Additionally, absolutely none of the ingredients used in their food comes from China, and their internationally sourced products must be fair-trade. 

Every formula is the equivalent of four times its dry weight after being hydrated, which can be used to compare against other foods. It is similar in price per pound to its competitors, such as Blue Buffalo.