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Solid Gold
Solid Gold offers premier, holistic feed for both dogs and cats. They have been in business for more than forty years and have developed a Core Nutrition for all of their foods. At the heart of each diet is a base of egg and herring, which provide highly digestible protein and necessary amino and omega fatty acids. In their recent revamp, they began adding probiotics to increase digestibility and prebiotic fiber to feed the probiotics. Additionally, a variety of fruits and vegetables are in each formula, such as carrots, kelp, and lentils, to add vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the diet. There are no dyes or artificial coloring in their foods. In fact, the consistency and color tend to differ from batch to batch, as they do not alter formulas; it is dependent on the raw ingredients. 

They are a mostly American company. All of the dry food production is done in the United States, and absolutely no ingredients are sourced from China. The only foods that are made outside of the US are the Tuna wet foods, which are made in Taiwan.

Solid Gold offers a variety of flavors and dietary options to suit your pet. There are grain and gluten free options, such as Barking at the Moon for dogs and Five Oceans Shrimp & Tuna Recipe for cats. There are several all life stages formulas, as well as individualized growth formulas. Solid Gold is truly a great brand for pets that do not have allergies to eggs or fish.