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Taste of the Wild
Taste of the Wild is a great food for pets that have issues with their coats. Many animals have sensitive skin, and the cause of it could very likely be the foods that they are eating. For example, chicken intolerances are very prevalent among dogs. Others do not do well with grain. Taste of the Wild offers solutions to many coat-related issues by offering several formulas that are highly palatable.

Five of the seven dry dog food formulas and four of the five wet foods do not contain chicken. Each of the dry foods contain fish meal, which is high in protein and offers omega fatty acids. Their formulas are also fortified with egg, a highly digestible protein. Additionally, each food has added probiotics-- 100 Million cultures per pound of dry food-- and supplements, such as vitamins and minerals. To top it off, absolutely none of their formulas contain grain.

In addition to their dry food, each adult dog formula has a corresponding wet food that is meant to compliment their diet. They contain higher quality meats, because they are less processed. Wet foods do not have any preservatives, and they are more digestible. The water added in Taste of the Wild wet foods is purified using reverse osmosis, a common purification method used in bottled water.

Taste of the Wild also offers two formulas for cats: Canyon RIver and Rocky Mountain. They’re also fish-based formulas with added supplements for nutrients and fiber. Similar to the dog food, both have canned foods intended as a complement to their respective dry foods. We do not carry the Rocky Mountain flavor, because neither venison nor smoked salmon is are one of the top five ingredients.