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What to feed the dog that reacts to everything: Zignature. This food is chicken free, grain free and potato free. They also do not have corn or soy. This is because their formulas are limited-ingredient diets. They use low glycemic-index vegetables, which provide a high amount of dietary fiber (good) and decrease volatility in blood sugar (spikes are bad). This makes Zignature dog foods ideal for a diabetic Fido.

Zignature uses the best ingredients from around the world.  For example, chickpeas are used instead of fillers, like corn. Exotic meats, such are duck and kangaroo, are offered in lieu of chicken, which is a known allergen within the pet industry. They use meat-meals instead of fresh meats, as they have 300% more protein. Additionally, these formulas are fortified with fruits, vegetables and vitamins in order to provide your pet with everything he or she needs to thrive. For more information, see Zigature's site HERE.